Jason D. Gallagher

Jason D. Gallagher conducts in-depth research on a variety of topics ranging from driver-assisted technologies to infectious diseases.  His primary policy focus has been tracking the spread, response, and management of the Zika virus in South America and the United States as well as monitoring and reporting on general pest management legislation.  Mr. Gallagher's background in journalism and communications established a professional foundation in research and fact-checking, allowing him to provide detailed research reports and editorial support when needed.

Prior to joining Lewis-Burke, Mr. Gallagher worked as an Editorial Intern at the National Geographic Society, where he managed department social media accounts and conducted valuable market research.  During this time, he acted as a Staff Writer and Managing Editor at online publications covering music, politics, popular culture, and pertinent social issues.

Mr. Gallagher graduated from the Catholic University of America, where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Media Studies.