April Burke, President and Founding Partner of Lewis-Burke Associates LLC, is a veteran Washington, D.C. attorney providing government relations counsel to clients on public policy and legislation.

Michael Ledford, Partner and Vice President for Client Management directs the efforts of Lewis-Burke government affairs professionals on behalf of all clients.

Lauren  Broccoli brings a unique background to Lewis-Burke that combines federal communications, legislative, and political expertise.

Erin Cadwalader leverages her biological research expertise and  experience in government relations to offer Lewis-Burke clients unique insight on how to most effectively advance their research objectives in the areas of

Leland Cogliani has over 12 years of experience working on Department of Energy basic and applied research and development programs as well as national security issues related to nuclear weapons and non-proliferation...

Kaetlyn Cordingley utilizes her extensive knowledge of education policy at both the state and federal levels to advise and advocate on behalf of Lewis-Burke clients.  Ms.

Alison D. Evans conducts research and analysis for Lewis-Burke clients and staff regarding a variety of federal policy issues including agriculture, defense, and cybersecurity.

Vanessa Floyd plays an instrumental role in Lewis-Burke Associate’s (Lewis-Burke) internal operations and organizational development.

Erica Froyd represents the interests of Lewis-Burke clients in the areas of biomedical research, federal research policy, and health care with a particular focus on the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other...

Boyd T.

Julie Jolly Rose brings over a decade of healthcare policy and higher education advocacy experience to her senior policy position at Lewis-Burke. Ms.

Benjamin E.

Bridget Krieger plays an integral role in the strategic communications between Lewis-Burke clients, staff on Capitol Hill and in federal agencies.  Ms.

Kari McCarron an expert in higher education policy, brings first-hand experience within the federal science enterprise, as a government relations representative for a major research university and as a senior higher...

Conor Moar plays a critical role in Lewis-Burke’s business operations and organizational development.  Working directly with the Vice President for Finance and Administration, Mr.

Libby O’Hare leverages her biomedical research expertise, background in research administration policy, and experience on Capitol Hill to provide strategic analysis and support to clients in the areas of biomedical...

Eliana R. Perlmutter conducts research and analysis for Lewis-Burke clients and staff on a range of topics that include environmental issues, computing, and biomedical research. Ms.

Jesse Poon uses his diverse experiences in both the public and private sectors to identify policies and opportunities germane to Lewis-Burke clients’ interests.

Benjamin J. Preis draws on his background in science, policy, and the public and private sectors to provide analysis, identify opportunities, and advocate for Lewis-Burke clients.

Miriam Quintal uses her scientific training, ability to analyze complex issues, and skill at relationship building to manage several federal relations portfolios for large academic institutions, scientific societies...

Beeta Rasouli represents the interests of Lewis-Burke clients in areas impacting academic health centers, clinical providers, healthcare research and policy, and healthcare professions.  She closely monitors and...

William "Bill" Ruch relies on his ability to think critically and communicate clearly to support the federal policy needs of Lewis-Burke’s clients.  Mr.

Reed Skaggs relies on over 15 years of experience with the Department of Defense science and technology (S&T) research and development enterprise to advise Lewis-Burke clients engaged in the conduct of basic and...

Ashley Tate serves as the administrative assistant and office manager for Lewis-Burke Associates, LLC. As the first point of contact for clients and vendors, Ms.

Paula Trimble brings a diverse background to Lewis-Burke that covers strategy development, communications, project management, and technology and policy analysis gained from 17 years of experience in the government...

Laura A.

Naomi Webber represents the interests of Lewis-Burke clients in the areas of engineering and applied science with a strong focus on the National Science Foundation.  She also works on international affairs.  Dr.

Deborah O. Wells, Vice President for Finance and Administration, oversees all aspects of the firm’s business operations.  As a member of Lewis-Burke’s senior management team, Ms.